A Doctor from a Distant Land

Greetings traveller, you have travelled far to be here what may I ask is your name?

My name is DrDogbert or Doc for short.

Very nice to meet you sir. Welcome to our humble place. What is it that perchance you look to carry out at our fair establishment?

Well I’m a writer and I can be found writing pieces that revolve around my own vices – video games and movies. Within each review, I like to offer my own commentary on the movie or game, then look at some of the more positive and negative aspects, culminating in a final recommendation at the end. I tend to review a mixture of current releases and as well as my own back catalog of movies and video games .

Beyond these vices I can be found looking at some of the more deep and meaningful questions, such as “Do we as gamers really need reboots?” taking this idea forward with my own views of for and against offering evidence where available to make my case.

Very good sir. And what about beyond these “vices”?

Beyond the world of video games and movies, I tend to be found with my nose in a good book, graphic novel (comic), or taking in some of the highlights of the world of television. Some of my current favourites include: Fringe, the CSI franchise, Doctor Who, and The Big Bang Theory to name just a few.

So then, my good sir, can you name any of these so-called “video games”?

When you’ve been a gamer since the grand old age of 7 years old (I’m now 26) so I’ve seen plenty of good games on many a different platform. I can’t say that I’ve played them all but some of my more enjoyable experiences were playing games like: Killer Instinct (SNES) Mario Kart, Goldeneye, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Conkers Bad Fur Day (all N64), Mass Effect 1 and 2 (Xbox 360), the Fable series (Xbox and Xbox 360), the Half Life series, the Starcraft series, Theme Hospital, The Sims, Sim City (all PC), and Heavy Rain (PS3)

My my – that is an impressive list from someone of your gaming pedigree. So how about naming me some these “movies” that are of a similar vein?

My movie library contains approximately 350 + movies so there are a quite a few films I would always give a second viewing to, however to answer your question (in no particular order): The Back to the Future trilogy, The Matrix trilogy, The Fifth Element, Bicentennial Man, Iron Man, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Minority Report, Total Recall, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Casino Royale (2006), Watchmen, Dogma, Clerks I and II,  and Oldboy to name but a few

A man so learned in the culture of movies and video games must indeed be known to the world?

In a way, I am known to the world of gaming through a podcast, in where I told tale during the MajorNelson panel at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle last year (2010). There was a question and answer session right at the end of the panel with the hosts of the podcast. I got up and wanted to ask something (anything would do), yet before they ask for your question they ask you what your gamertag is. I gave them mine (Dr Dogbert 02), to which I was asked, what happened to 01?

“Well,” I answered “I own that too, I just forgot that I’d linked an account to my Windows Live ID already”. The whole audience laugh (including myself) over my stupidity, but I ask my question and I obtain an answer, during this time I had forgotten that the show was being recorded live, for the ENTIRE INTERNET. You can still obtain it through iTunes and MajorNelson’s site. It’s right at the end and I am the (only) English person.

Oh my, you are quite the jester indeed, good sir. Is there anything else that we can expect from your good self?

I’m quite an honest sort of person so I’ll give a very frank view on matters / items which I review. I don’t like to shy away from poking the hornets’ nest (although in real life I’d run miles before doing such a thing to the real insects). So while I’m open to going against the grain I am willing to debate and discuss any points that you feel you would like to offer against any and all piece that I write.

Quite the rebel indeed. One last thing before I let you continue with your travels? How may I reach you?

You can find me over on Twitter as @DrDogbert where I’m happy to chat and converse with anyone who is willing to listen. Alternatively you can email me at drdogbert@nerdvice.com where I will always do my best to answer your questions.

Good day to you kind sir, welcome to NerdVice

Thank-you, The Doctor will see you now.


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