Press Start 2 Continue: For Gamers by Gamers

Press Start was one of the most surprising movies I’d ever watched. It was a movie that could have gone horrendously wrong. Listening to the description of it – a low-budget, video game parody – one immediately thinks of just how bad it could be. After all, video game movies have traditionally been terrible. Parody movies – especially in this day and age – are typically unfunny and reach levels of godawful that can lead one to want to throw their remote through the TV. But I can honestly say that Press Start was a movie made for gamers, by gamers, and I laughed hysterically throughout the entire thing.

Thus, when the sequel, Press Start 2 Continue, was released, I was anxious to get my hands on a copy and see the next chapter in the story.While the first film is decidedly more fantasy-based (evoking the RPGs of old), Press Start 2 pulls its influences from urban settings. The switch-up is a welcome one and feels organic given the varied nature of the Press Start universe that had been established both in the first movie and in the ongoing web-cartoon, Press Start Adventures. The new environments and game references are just as hilarious as the previous movie; these keep the entire movie feeling fresh.

With the switch from fantasy to modern, the trio’s quest arc from the first movie has been substituted with a plot involving Lin-Ku (everyone’s favorite rage-filled ninja) on a mission with pretty Princess Xanna tagging along. One likes ripping out hearts; one likes pink cellphones! It’s a match made in heaven.

Kevin Folliard’s (the writer’s) wit is always prevalent, whether it be in the jokes that are being presented to us or in the crafting of the characters themselves. It’s a joy to watch the story unfold and at no time does a plot point feel forced or insipid. Behind the camera is the very talented Ed Glaser who, despite the low budget, creates a movie that still looks polished. In fact, the visual upgrade is apparent from Press Start mostly due to this movie being in HD, but I’d also say that Glaser has improved his technique since 2007. The shots are dynamic and he does an excellent job of pulling out hilarious performances from his actors – particularly from Peter Davis, who returns as the rip-roaringly funny Count Vile.

On the musical end of things, Jake Kaufman (the video game composer responsible for tracks in Contra 4, TMNT, and many more) is back once more. His music contributes enormously to the tone of the movie. It genuinely feels like something you’d hear if you were playing as these characters in a game and encountering the situations they’re in. The triumphant music cue is one of my favorites – evoking 8-bit victories of days gone by.

Press Start 2 Continue is a funny, witty movie that feels altogether cohesive. I’d recommend that any gamer take a look at it. I viewed it with a friend and we had a blast picking out the references together; this is definitely a movie to be enjoyed with a fellow nerd. This is a movie to be enjoyed – period.

STARRING: Al Morrison, Jenny Nelson, Peter Davis, and more.
COMPANY: Dark Maze Studios
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