The Rules Have Changed! ‘Super Monday Night Combat’ Announced!

Big news coming out of Uber Entertainment today! They have announced a successor to last year’s smash hit, Monday Night CombatSuper Monday Night Combat! The game is not a sequel; but rather an evolution of the original game – described as a Defense of the Ancients-inspired shooter. It promises to break away from the clean stadiums of the original with more organic arenas – one of which being the Incan-influenced field being shown off in the screenshots below.

In addition to new playing fields, we’re also being given new players. Thus far, CombatGirl (a playable version of fan favorite PitGirl), the Gunslinger, and the Veteran have been announced – with more on the way!

Still, perhaps the biggest news is that SMNC will be FREE-TO-PLAY! Uber is taking the name the way of many popular online games and making it free to enjoy with players having the option to pay for bonus content such as skins, taunts, and more. However, it’s been promised that the base game will deliver more than enough to keep players entertained and happy.

Nerd Vice will be talking to the team at Uber post-PAX about the upcoming title. We’ll be excited to hear what they have to say about it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or tweet them to me!


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