Upcoming FortressCraft Update Introduces Physics

The top-grossing XBOX Indie Game of all time, FortressCraft, is gearing up to drop another update within the next few weeks. Being no stranger to evolution (having already implemented new game modes, object animations, and a workshop that allows players to build anything), the title is once again prepared to turn heads with a new addition – physics.

Developer DjArcas teased the mode via his YouTube channel. In the video, conveyor belts are demonstrated, as is the new ability to assign physics behaviors to objects and send them springing around your world via the newly added jump pads. These new attributes to the game will allow players to develop environments unlike any we’ve seen before – whether it be a perpetual motion machine, a laboratory gone mad, or whatever else the incredible minds of Fortresscrafters can imagine.

Also shown in the video is the Factory – an object that one can use to make multiple copies of whatever is placed on top of it. The full capabilities of this item were demonstrated in a follow-up video where a massive assembly line is created to mass-produce wheels. Combined with the physics behaviors being added to the game, the Factory will surely make for an object that will be a blast to include in builds in unique and fun ways.

The update is expected to arrive within 3-4 weeks.

For information about FortressCraft, please visit http://fortresscraft.com

For press inquiries, contact: press@projectorgames.net

( The incredible trailer and featured image is courtesy of MorninAfterKill! Check out his YT Channel! )

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