Obscure Game Theater – Ninja Jajamaru

Once again I have dug deep into the realm of games that weren’t released in the US, and this time I have emerged with a very simple little platforming Ninja game called Ninja Jajamaru. I did a little background research on this series and it was pretty big in Japan back in the day. We in the US received a Gameboy game and… one other one that I can’t remember at the moment, but there was a good 9 or so games in Japan.

You might also be wondering why I would grab something so very simple to play… well, this is also, I believe a major inspiration in one of the games in Retro Game Challenge, a DS game that not enough people bought. Will that be played on the OGT as well? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy this quick little game. I know I did!

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