Your Friendly Neighborhood Strider – Vol. 1 – The 1st Week

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is much less rage inducing than its vanilla counterpart but the ecosystem is still filled with a wide variety of projectile spammers, teleporters, and armor abusers who simply want to get a leg up on PSN and Xbox Live.

Join me on my first week of gameplay as I struggle to find my core team and rise through the ranks to discard the accursed amateur rank title. Also some full disclosure: I got perfected on my very first ranked match. It is not on the video for obvious reasons.

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One day in 1994, a child traveled to Fresno to visit his relatives when, on his birthday, he was given a Sega Genesis. Thus started a chain reaction that began a life of video gaming and skyrocketing oil prices (probably). In all seriousness, Strider has been reading video game journalism for the better part of 17 years of his life and what does he have to show for it? A BA in journalism and contributed articles everywhere from Bitmob to Destructoid. Currently looking for his dream writing job.