Mighty Max

In this episode, April Von Lon kicks it back to the 90’s with a review of Mighty Max! The cartoon, not the toys. The toys were great, but they didn’t have the added bonus of being voice-acted by TIM CURRY! Sweet Transvestite jokes will be employed, history will be retconned into oblivion, and giant chicken-people will talk. Quick, what’s the hieroglyph for “radical”, dude?!



April Von Lon (11 Posts)

I started making internet videos on a whim one day when I realized my newly-purchased laptop had a webcam. Luckily I've obliterated all traces of my first webcam-based humiliation and bribed several people never to speak of it again. I'd like to think I've gotten a little bit better since those first dark days, and surely only good things can follow in the wake of my determination! That or I'll make more jokes about space-squids which self-propel via flatulence. I mean, that's pretty likely too.