MAGFest Diary – Day One

The first day at MAGFest was nothing short of exciting. After a night out in America’s gorgeous capital, we arrived early to set up in the game room. With us, we brought a 3D projector. I have to say, despite not enjoying movies in 3D, gaming in the third dimension is something I can get behind. Attendees seem to feel the same way because the reception for it has been nothing short of enthusiastic.

The official Pokemon car was in attendance. WANNNNNT.

Guests of MAGFest were incredibly receptive to FortressCraft and those who initially weren’t seemed to become so after seeing the game demonstrated. Fun was had all around!

I also have to give massive thanks to OnLive for providing some awesome swag for our table, as well as three of their microconsoles for us to give away. If you’re at MAGFest and interested in winning one, tweet us a suggestion as to how we can improve FortressCraft and hashtag it “#fortresscraft.” The person with the best suggestion will be leaving the convention with a new microconsole!

My birthday presents. <3

We wrapped up our day by going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday ( a bit early since my bday is actually January 13th. ) I got some incredible gifts, including an unbelievable statue of Aquaman ( hook hand version! ) and a new book to dig into! All in all, a great kickoff to the week.

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