Obscure Game Theater – Live A Live Part Two

When we last left Oboro, he had… well, blindly wandered around a castle attempting to find a prisoner to rescue with no real luck. Let’s see if we can change that a bit, shall we?

Incidentally, that ‘little while’ ended up being about an hour. I’m not very efficient.

I’m also not very good at pathfinding, as you probably just saw if you’re watching all of this.

And with that the first tale draws to a close. Join us next time when we start the journey down a different timeline!

Frankomatic (76 Posts)

Just a 20-something who happens to make videos of games that you may or may not have heard of before with (ideally) amusing or informational commentary. I specialize in retro, or occasionally independent games, and some might say I even have a little bit of talent with them, but I am, in fact, only average to terrible at them.