Obscure Game Theater – Live A Live Part Three

The saga of Oboro the Ninja is complete and now we shall move on to a mostly unrelated chapter. Why do I say mostly? Because everything is linked in this game, no matter how small. Also, both chapters have robots. In fact, we ARE a robot this time!


We don’t really seem to know a whole lot but that’s okay. We’re only a few hours old at best.


Also we’ve already developed the most important skill of all, playing video games.


Unfortunately, it seems that all is not well on our good ship. At least the Behemoth is still safely in captivity…

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Just a 20-something who happens to make videos of games that you may or may not have heard of before with (ideally) amusing or informational commentary. I specialize in retro, or occasionally independent games, and some might say I even have a little bit of talent with them, but I am, in fact, only average to terrible at them.