Pants: Optional- Pilot

Welcome to the pilot episode of a new podcast by me (CircleGuy), ChrisX104 and Dogbert! Pants: Optional is a manly podcast made by men for men (and some women). Today we talk about what makes a manly movie, why Chris shouldn’t be on the internet and much more!
Keep in mind that this is a pilot episode: this is the first time we’ve tried this, so it may be a bit rough in places.
If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can comment here or email us at


Note: You MUST listen to this podcast in Stereo. Different voices are on different audio tracks

CircleGuy (34 Posts)

Hey! My name's Rob, aka theCircleGuy! I'm a guy who loves the Beatles, so much so that sometimes it seems like I'm crazy. I have more to say, but not now- the owls are listening. I've been told I have to note that I'm from Ireland, which is not in Britain. Shame, shame on you... geography teachers...