Strider – Gotham City Impostors Is Inexplicably Fun

I remember playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the first time. It was an exciting, high-octane, military shooter with a fast pace and a setting that allowed it to use real guns to excite the inner gun nut in us all. But as the series went on, the military theme gradually wore down my tolerance. I could only be asked to neutralize tangos for so long until I get sick of calling them tangos.

That’s where Gotham City Impostors comes in.

The core of the mechanics treads on territory popularly established by Call of Duty, but the personality is a breath of fresh air. Just take a look at the video for yourself and see how tiny men can disappear using strange jars filled with an unknown gas and shotgun 300 pound man dressed as clowns in the back.

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