Comic Book Review 12 – DeadPool #55

For this week’s review, we have something extra special lined up for you guys. I have a special guest reviewer this week and he just so happens to be the titular star of the comic book we’ll be discussing. He’s the one, the only, the M–

Taaa Daaa!! It’s me, DEADPOOL!

Thanks for interrupting me, Wade. I was trying to give you a kick-ass introduction.

Kick-Ass?! Why would you introduce me as Kick-Ass? Good kid. Can’t fight worth a damn, though. HEHEHE.

Never mind. Geez!

Hey! How come my words aren’t yellow?!

The yellow would be too hard for people to read, so I put your words in bold instead. I mean, who’s more bold than YOU, right?



Hmmm… I guess, you’re right. Lucky for you.

Uh, OK. Can we get on with this now, please?

Sure. It’s your rodeo, pal.

Deadpool #55 is a $2.99 comic book published by Marvel Comics, rated Parental Advisory, and it was originally released on May 23, 2012. Deadpool #55 was written by Daniel Way, with art by Shawn Crystal, colors by John Rauch, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino, and a cover by Dave Johnson. This issue is Part I of the latest story arc, “Deadpool: Reborn”.

Exhibit A

So, let’s briefly recap what brought us to this point, shall we. After spending much of the past year trying to off himself, the plan Deadpool set into motion in the “DEAD” arc was his magnum opus of expert, unpredictable, and totally nuts planning. Our boy ‘Pool eventually had a change of heart, though, and decided he didn’t want to die after all, but not before losing his trademark healing factor and unkillability and regaining a certain long lost something he hadn’t seen since before his Weapon X days. See Exhibit A to the right.

Boooring! When do I get to say stuff? Everybody knows all that crap if they’ve been keeping up with my heroic exploits… and they better have been keeping up. Don’t make me come out there, people! Just try explaining to your mom the 4th Wall I broke was in your living room.

Deadpool! Focus. Since you lived it, do the plot breakdown.

Yeeeaah booooy! Me, Deadpool, man of action, talking about the action. Now we’re talking. So, we pick things up with me on the couch waking up from this really sucky dream about people staring at my ugly unmasked mug. A really sucky dream I’ve had before… a lot. Well, now it’s not so sucky, kids, because your very own Merc With A Mouth is now super hot! I’m hotter than Bea Arthur in a Brazilian string bikini, baby! Feeling more alive than I have in years and with my confidence at an all-time high, I decided to share the new me with the world, and what better way to do that than by killing somebody who actually deserves it! You guys feel me, right? Of course you do. So, I set my sights on taking down the ever elusive evil nerds of the Intelligencia. I even dropped some helpful Hulk advice on those so-called geniuses, while I was at it. Everything was going great until they stole MY idea. What happened next is almost too hard to talk about. Here goes. I got my sweet sweet candy ass beat by some Z-list zero, by some insufferable loser, by some deranged dingus, by… by Paste Pot Pete. This no healing factor stuff is tougher than I thought.




The thought had crossed my mind.




Alright. Alright. Enough already! Yellow Box, you can talk about the art, OK.

You’re up, brain. Don’t make me look bad.

Wait a minute! How come my words can’t be yellow but Yellow Box is, well, ya know, YELLOW? I call bulls*%t, Stat!

Sigh. Gimme a break, man.

At the end of the day, I’m really digging the new direction for my co-reviewer, Deadpool. I think, the loss of his healing factor will make the former Regenratin’ Degenerate have to get back to the top of his game, and then some. No more depending on his powers to get him through tight spots. As a dedicated ‘Pooligan, I’m stoked to see and read more as “Deadpool: Reborn” unfolds!






All characters and images are property of Marvel Entertainment.


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