Obscure Game Theater – Sword of the Samurai Part One

Hey there guys, I’m back after a sort of unexpected hiatus due to technical issues! I bring with me the beginnings of a new LP… Sword of the Samurai! A PC game by Microprose that was the precursor to Covert Action. Now, I want to note two things before we hit the videos:

1: There’s a bit of staticy noise in the background on these guys. New computer, new recording setup, still got some minor issues to work out here and there.

2: The melee portion of this did not record properly. You know that issue I’ve had in the past where the action records at like, double speed and the sound records normal? That again. The rest of the videos are almost perfectly synced up though… somehow. It looks a bit sloppier than my usual work, but I still haven’t figured out how to make that not happen, so it’s going to have to do. Now for the videos!

In these videos, Ohori killed roughly 51 people. His son took down roughly 271 more. This family, seriously.

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