Comic Book Review 18 – Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16

Welcome to the special Election 2012 Edition of my comic book review column! While President Barack Obama won a second term in office in our real life election, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe recently held a presidential election of their own. The results are in! The votes are tallied! The American people of Earth-1610 have spoken! Captain America A.K.A Steve Rogers has been elected President Of The United States, in the country’s historic first “presidential recall election”, after becoming the runaway winner by write-in vote.

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16 is a $3.99 comic book, published by Marvel Comics, and originally released on September 26, 2012. This issue is was written by Sam Humphries and features art by Luke Ross, colors by Matt Milla, letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles, and a cover by Michael Komarck. This issue is a part of the “Divided We Fall, United We Stand” crossover taking place in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.


Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16 opens with Steve Rogers A.K.A. Captain America being sworn in as the newest elected President of the United States Of America! After taking the oath of office at the Triskelion, Cap immediately dashes off to his Air Force One, which is a Tony Stark modified vertical takeoff F-22 fighter jet, and heads off “to get to work”.  The United States of the Ultimate Universe is in a shambles and is even more deeply divided than the real life United States that we all live in, with states seceding from the Union, anti-mutant militias running the Southwest, a warlord running Detroit, Hydra amassing an army in Wyoming,

Vice-President Iron Man?

and civil war between the Carolinas. President Cap wastes no time getting down to his first order of business. He names Carol Danvers his Chief Of Staff, and heads off to resolve the fighting between North and South Carolina. After making short work of that conflict, with the aid of Iron Man and Thor, President Cap is off to the next theater of war, in Detroit. After putting a treacherous Senator Underwood in his place on the way to Detroit, President Cap lands and makes quick work of subduing the leader of the Great Lakes Liberation Front, David Seger A.K.A. The Dictator Of Detroit. While Thor does some recon on the satellite blackout in Wyoming, President Cap thwarts his own damn assassination and appoints Monica Chang, the Black Widow, as the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in one fell swoop. Needless to say, new newly minted president had one hell of a first day on the job! The issue ends with Thor discovering the surprising Asgardian secret behind the satellite blackout and other anomalies in Wyoming, and it is a shocker.

Now on to the Presidential art department! Luke Ross’s art is great in this issue from cover to cover. From the big scale set shots with dozens or more characters to the close-up nuanced shots of faces and expressions, he handles it all with equal aplomb. The high impact action and the subtleties of body language have both been rendered with care. Matt Milla’s colors are also strong in this issue, and he doesn’t shy away from the use of the bold and bright colors of our heroes various costumes, he embraces them and puts them front and center juxtaposed with the true to life color depictions of most everything else in the story, and it works. The Ultimates are larger than life in persona and in deeds, and Milla’s palette of choice emphasizes that in a good way, without going a step too far by making them seem like cartoons in realistic world.

In summation, I utterly loved Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16! It is now one my favorite single issues of a comic book. After witnessing and being disgusted at the political gridlock and pompous posturing of far too many politicians and elected officials in our own world, who are seemingly more interested in politicizing all of our nation’s problems rather than teaming up to fix them, it felt really good to read a story with a newly elected President Cap’ taking it upon himself to set about trying to solve his version of America’s huge problems simply because it’s the right thing to do for the country and its citizens. The issue was well written and had great art. There is nothing about this issue that I didn’t enjoy. Bravo Marvel!


I give Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16 4 Long-boxes.




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