MCM Midlands ComicCon!


Hello all! There’s a quite wonderful convention on the 16th of February. It’s called the MCM Midlands ComicCon, and it’s on in Telford, in the UK. Guess who’s gonna be there? ME! Oh, and some other people.

Jeremy “Boba Fett” Bulloch
The coolest mercenary in the galaxy is going to be at MCM Midlands ComicCon! Although everyone knows him from his many appearances as the mysterious and wonderful Boba Fett, he was also Smithers in a few James Bond films and…oh my god…he was in Bonekickers. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES! YES! YES!

Steffan Rhodri
The wonderful Welshy actor Steffan Rhodri is going to be there as well! While most of you would know him as Reg Cattermole from one of the Harry Potter films, I know him as Dave from the wonderful BBC show Gavin & Stacy.

Eoin Macken
Dublin-born Eoin Macken found his first great success playing Sir Gwaine in BBC’s Merlin series…but he previously played a role in Irish soap opera Fair City…oh dear…that’ll be interesting.

Andrew Lee Potts
Andrew Lee Potts was the star of the hit BBC TV show Primeval in his role as Connor Temple. Primeval is a show that is often overlooked. So let’s have a look at it now!

And there’s so much more at MCM ComicCon. Lots of cool stuff to buy (my wallet hates me at the moment), more guests to see, lots of panels and some games! So why not come on down to the MCM ComicCon on February 16th. I’ll be dancing around the place like the merry fool that I am. For more ticket information, visit their website by clicking this link. That’s all. If you have any questions for particular guests, don’t hesitate to tell me! You can write them in the comments below this post, or alternatively you can email me on rob(at)
Have a great day, and I hope to see some of you there!
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