Obscure Game Theater – Mata Hari Part One

As a fairly avid Point and Click adventure gamer, I’ve acquired quite a few of them over the many years I’ve been playing video games. This one is… well, not super great. There are pretty much no write ups about it at all on the internet that I can find outside of reviews, so it seemed like a good fit for what I generally do. I apologize for this first part being a bit… wordsy, but the game opens up a bit after this first chapter is over. I promise! I’d recommend watching these full screen, if you’re able.



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Just a 20-something who happens to make videos of games that you may or may not have heard of before with (ideally) amusing or informational commentary. I specialize in retro, or occasionally independent games, and some might say I even have a little bit of talent with them, but I am, in fact, only average to terrible at them.