New Character for Super Smash Bros Hidden in E3 Trailer?

Today, instead of the traditional conference in LA at E3, Nintendo opted to have a live “Nintendo Direct” presentation, which was given by Satoru Iwata. It featured trailers for many new games, including Pokemon X and Y & Mario Kart 8. However, what most people were interested in was the trailer for the next Super Smash Bros game. Two characters were announced for the game: From Animal Crossing, we have the Villager, and from Megaman…we have Megaman!

New Chara

It occurred to me that Nintendo may have hidden a secret in the videos, so I kept my eye out. Having looked through them, I noticed something in the background of the Mega Man video.

Smash 19Can’t see it? Let me zoom in

Smash 22


Behind Link’s head, I noticed a small…thing. Now later in this scene, when Megaman engages the characters (pre-rendered cutscene, not gameplay), we only see him fight Mario, Link, DK & Kirby. Nothing else. Now this…thing…could be nothing. It could be an existing character, like Bowser. However, judging from perspective this item seems to be smaller than Kirby, so it’s doubtful. It the trailer it appears to move slightly, so I don’t think it’s a rock.
Can you see what character it is? Comment below. Think it’s a rock? Tell me!

–Rob, Editor-In-Chief.

EDIT: In a…bizarre move, Nintendo have announced that the Female WiiFit trainer will also be a character…right…

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