Gomer Plays – Portal 2

Watch and see as Gomer takes on Portal 2, mostly blindly, all in one seven-part playlist!  There will be action, excitement, hilarity, vengeance, and a potato battery!  How well does Gomer fare?  Watch and find out!

Special note: Part 5 is nearly 90 minutes long, due to general frustration in working out a couple of rooms.  With that said, I’m providing the following timestamps, in case you wish to skip the more tedious parts.

7:41 – Completion of the first three goo puzzle
21:00 – Completion of the blue goo puzzle
24:50 – Completion of the orange goo puzzle
44:45 – Completion of the white goo room
1:17:54 – Completion of the second three goo puzzle, right before the vertical climb.

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