RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 9/5/2014)

This week brings out the GOP’s plan to gain more female voters, a story from Florida in which 99% of the people involved are either stupid or unfair, Kirk Cameron, Kevin Sorbo, and Gomer’s idea for a keen new pet that he wants!  All this and more!

Thespian Talk – Episode 113 (Anti-Vax Swatting)

Gomer is joined by Jess Kitrick and Cferra to discuss a teen who got the right penalty for Swatting his fellow online gamers, a Florida story where 99% of the participants are stupid or unfair, the GOP’s plan to gain more female voters, and the idea of letting the law have more control over your kids’ playtime than parents should.

Shout Outs:

Markiplier: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_YxT-KID8kRbqZo7MyscQ

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Constructive Deconstruction – Episode 30 (The Gift Of Sin)

This week, the trio discusses Kirk Cameron’s new movie (and the religious angles thereof) and some statements made by Kevin Sorbo (and the religious angles thereof). They also come up with one of the funniest and sacrilegious pairs of things that should exist!

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