RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup for 10/10/2014

This week, you can expect to hear tales of conservatives trying to whitewash history, a VERY horrific story out of Columbia, politicians who try to convince soldiers to ruin their non-military careers to spite President Obama, parents who fear their teenagers reading things more tame than could be found with a quick Google search, and an official from Tennessee who thinks religion is a cure-all for criminal rehabilitation!  All these and MORE!

Thespian Talk – Episode 117 (Legally Stupid)

This week’s episode finds Gomer and Cat discussing Fox News unable to take what they can dish out, a horrifying story that they hope is a hoax, politicians who want people to ruin their careers to spite the President, parents who are afraid of high schoolers reading stuff that can be found in Walmart, and a man who uses his state’s open carry law to openly show what he’s compensating for. All this, plus more!

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Our show’s theme is “Kick Shock” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

Shout Outs:

Scott Murray – https://www.youtube.com/user/smurray751


Constructive Deconstruction – Episode 31 (Conservative Whitewashing)

This week, the trio discusses a push by Colorado conservatives to essentially whitewash a school district’s AP American History class, as well as a Tennessee official who believes that religion is the only way to show that one is rehabilitated. All this, plus new theme music!

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Our show’s theme is “Exhilirate” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

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