RAD episode: Sunset overdrive



Ever grinded on the side of a building while firing a gun that shoots exploding teddy bears?!
Well in this Xbox One exclusive you’ll do just that and a whole lot stupider and weirder!

Mike “The Birdman”Dodd heads off to sunny Sunset city to fight the apocalypse caused by an untested energy drink. Sunset overdrive is parts Jet set radio, Dead rising and Saints row served up in a brightly colored package for you to devour just in time for Broke-tober to end. Energy drink zombies, weird off beat humor, insane amounts of character customization and a large floating robot bent on your death..yeah,its kinda messed up BUT is it fun?
Does this game deliver the weird and creative weapons Insomniac games is known for?
Is this the first Xbox One exclusive getting excited about?
well the answers lie in here for your listening pleasure.

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Mike Dodd (113 Posts)

Birdman was born on October 20th 1981 and has been here there and everywhere, traveling across Canada and the USA as often as he can. However he calls Owen Sound,Ontario,Canada home for the most part, despite it being similar to Mos Eisley Spaceport. Grew up in the sticks of mid western Ontario and usually found absorbing data from all sorts of different sources, video games, movies and occasionally pirated TV. However it wasn’t till Mike heard the voice from the Kingdom of Nye, Art Bell that he knew he found something interesting and kept an ear to the world of radio broadcasting. Years later when the time finally came to get it together and head off to college, Mike choose the world of Television production from his experience of Rogers television as a technical producer but that would not last as his career choice. A chance encounter with an individual named Steve Saylor changed his future once and for all and the rest they say is History….