RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 11/7/2014)

It seems there are always bigger fish out there.  And some of those fish don’t like being betrayed by their loved ones.  What do does that even mean?  Well, check out this week’s podcasts and find out!

Thespian Talk – Episode 121 (Doctor Necromancy)

This week, Gomer and Omega discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who, Kirk Cameron being blasted by a BIGGER asshole, a horrifying tale of an Arkansas woman’s strange taste in masturbatory aides, a question of racism, and an example of actual racism! All this, plus more!

Our show’s theme is “Kick Shock” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

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The Port Charlie Podcast – Episode 49 (Hallowedding Week!)

Covering up to October 31, 2014!

Gomer and Julia discuss the week of the Hallowedding, including Sonny’s revelation to Morgan, Nina’s plans to steal Ava’s baby starting to come to fruition, Shawn being bad at his job again, and secrets surrounding Franco and Carly starting to come out, but not before they hit the altar! All this and more!

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Our show’s theme is “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

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