RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 2/6/2015)

This week’s roundup brings up an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU, advertising gone wrong, MAGFest stories, Holly’s advice for content creators looking to advertise their stuff, a man who overreacted to having his car snowballed, and more!

Thespian Talk – Episode 133 (Multiple Meaning Memes)

This week, Gomer, Holly, and Cat talk a little about an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU, a couple of politicians who want to thumb their nose at the Federal government over same-sex marriage, a couple who REALLY should not be parents, and a man who took having his car pelted with snowballs a little TOO personally. All this, plus your questions, a couple of MAGFest stories from Holly, shout-outs, and more!

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Constructive Deconstruction – Episode 33 (Advertising and Whining)

This week, the trio talks advertising, including some Super Bowl 2015 ads that got people talking, dips into religious conversation, and some advice from Holly about how content creators can advertise better.

Our show’s theme is “Exhilirate” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

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