RT Gomer Productions Podcast Roundup (Week of 7/3/2015)

Two shows, one SCOTUS!

This week’s shows are all about the SCOTUS rulings, namely the ACA and same-sex marriage!  Oh, and there’s something about a guy who killed chickens to get his mom to make his girlfriend love him again, guys trying to make the world their own grabass arena, and a Detroit guard who very well deserves to be fired, too.

Thespian Talk – Episode 151 (Platinum Gay)

Gomer and Arik talk a lot about the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, a Detroit woman who got roughed up by a security guard, a serial butt-grabber, a man who threatened his mother’s chickens, and more!

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Our show’s theme is “Kick Shock” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

Scalia Burn Generator: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/low_concept/2015/06/justice_scalia_insult_generator_how_the_supreme_court_justice_would_mock.html

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Constructive Deconstruction – Episode 37 (SCOTUS of Awesome!)

This week finds the trio talking about two major decisions from the Supreme Court, how it affects people, and dissenting opinions of two of the Supreme Court Judges!

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Our show’s theme is “Exhilirate” by Kevin MacLeod. Find out more at incompetech.com.

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